Marg Coady Cup

Every season, Tracy Village play Pints to vie for the Marg Coady Cup.

The annual battle was started in year 2000 after the untimely death of Pints A Grade Scorer on July 6th, 1999, upon returning home after a days play at Tracy Village Oval.

Marg was held in the highest regard by all involved in Darwin cricket circles and was also the wife of former Pints president and club stalwart, Jack Coady, and mother of hard hitting Pints A/B Grader, Brendan Coady.

The cup is awarded to the club which is most successful in the A-B-C Grades combined for the round. Of the 17 times the Marg Coady Cup has been contested Pints have emerged victorious on 13 occasions.


2000 Tracy Village

2001 Pints

2002 Pints

2003 Pints

2004 Pints

2005 Pints

2006 Pints

2007 Pints

2008 Tracy Village

2009 Pints

2010 Tracy Village


2011 Pints


2012 Pints


2013 Pints


2014 Pints


2015 Pints


2016 Tracy Village


2017 Tracy Village


2018 Pints


2019 Tracy Village


2020 Not held


2021 Pints